Seeking interested individuals to serve as WLN leadership!

Posted 4 months ago

The WLN needs you!  In order for the WLN to continue advancing quality nursing education in the State of Wisconsin, we need strong membership and strong leadership.  The WLN is exploring current and future member interest in serving on the Board of Directors, the Nominations Committee, other committees (such as Programs or Scholarships), and lending a helping hand when needed.  Volunteers must be/become members of the WLN. 

The WLN is seeking interested candidates for the following open Board positions:

  • President-Elect (2-year term, with assumption of President for 2-year term) 
  • Director:  Float (3-year term)

The WLN will be looking for candidates to serve on the following Board positions opening Spring 2020:

  • Secretary (3-year term)
  • Director:  Membership (3-year term)

Please notify the Nominations Committee of your volunteering interest and any questions via Kelly Shafaie at

Please feel free to share this information with colleagues and spread the word!

Many Thanks!

The WLN Nominations Committee,

Kelly Shafaie (

Shanita Washington (