Summer Writing Retreat and Relaxation at Green Lake Conference Center

Green Lake Conference Center
W2511 Wisconsin 23
Green Lake, WI 54941

Sunday, May 31, 2020 at 6:00pm CT - Friday, June 5, 2020 at 3:00pm CT

W2511 Wisconsin 23, Green Lake, WI 54941



Writing Retreat and Relaxation: A Do-It-Yourself Getaway for WLN members


Pat Walsh, MS Writing Coach


Additional Information

Due to an extremely successful inaugural writing and relaxing retreat in Door County in January 2020, the WLN is pleased to offer another writing retreat for our members!  Input from participants at the Door County retreat chose two weeks in June as the best dates to pick for your experience:  May 31 - June 5 and/or June 22 - 26. Attendees can join us during as many or as few dates as able during the dates we are there. Join us for one day, two days, or every day!

We searched for the perfect spot to offer a self-directed writing and gathering retreat.  The Green Lake Conference Center fit all our needs: 

  • Book your own room for as many or few nights as you desire.
  • Meal availability.
  • Meeting space for gathering with WLN members.
  • Opportunity to consult Pat Walsh, MS, our WLN writing coach (details to come)!
  • Opportunity to RELAX and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area.

If you are interested in joining fellow WLN members at this retreat, register for the event on the WLN website and book your room directly with the conference center by calling 920-294-3323.  There are a variety of room types available, and you may choose to share with a friend. Choose as many or few of the days/nights as you are able to attend during the retreat dates.

Meals by availability are in the dining hall and paid for on site when you check-in. Stay tuned about information for a variety of off-site eating options. 

The WLN is offering a meeting room within the facility from May 31 - June 5. Private meeting space is available from June 22 - 26. 

View the Green Lake Conference Center website at or watch a video of the property at

Some ideas for people registering: 

  • work on a journal article for publication
  • get suggestions from other WLN members or our writing coach for other potential options for publication
  • gather with colleagues and complete work-related task you just don't seem to have the time to do during the busy academic year (we heard from our simulation team that the opportunity for writing extra sim scenarios is a high priority that often gets set aside)
  • work on program accreditation together with a colleague
  • update your coursework
  • write a new course
  • finish writing your dissertation or thesis
  • getaway with other nurses who are passionate about nursing education and read something for professional development or for fun
  • ....the list is endless!!!!!

Any questions, please contact us via email: or call Marijo Rommelfaenger at 262-389-7782

Hope to see you there!

Marijo Rommelfaenger, PhD RN CNE

WLN Director Marketing and Programs


WLN Summer Writing and Relaxation Retreat

This event registration covers either or both weeks for the WLN Summer Writing and Relaxation Retreat at the Green Lake Conference Center. 

Registering once is all that is required for any number of days within the two available weeks.

Registration for this event enables you to meet at select times with our writing coach.