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Benefits of Membership

The WLN offers a variety of opportunities for professional development and involvement through quality programming and collaborative ventures. WLN is pleased to offer individual membership options to nurses, allied health professionals and consumers interested in influencing health care in Wisconsin. WLN membership provides a vehicle to participate on a state level in advancing quality affordable health care.

Your membership in the Wisconsin League for Nursing (WLN) is a wonderful way to demonstrate personal and professional activism. There are many ways to participate in and support WLN, and the benefits of involvement are many.

The simplest and most basic way to participate is to maintain active membership. The support of dues-paying members is vital to continuing our work and to helping us grow in the future.
*WLN membership is separate from NLN Individual or School of Nursing membership.

Member Benefits:

  • Eligibility for leadership in the only organization representing ALL types of nursing education
  • Subscription to The Com​munique newsletter designed to keep you current in your professional skills and up to date with health care trends and issues
  • Direct avenue for input into nursing and health care – consumers are required in bylaws to have a seat on key governing bodies in the NLN
  • In the first year of membership, privileges commence when the Constituent League receives dues. In subsequent years, dues will be assessed in April and October/November. If dues are paid in other months, the membership will be renewed in either April or October/November, whichever is the nearest month in advance.